Ficho Tunnel

The waterfall in Ficho Tunnel. The waterfall prevents players from going back to Bonfire Island, unless they use the means of a glitch or they set Bonfire Island as their home location.

Ficho Tunnel is a tunnel that has the entrances to Bonfire Island and Fluorite Plains. It is the only official tunnel map in the game. It has a waterfall that prevents players from going back to Bonfire Island (unless you have wings or use the glitch) and has a river that leads to the entrance to Fluorite Plains. It has two pieces of background music, which can be replaced if the player wishes to do so. This is one out of two maps in the game that has a glitch.


In Ficho Tunnel, players can perform a glitch which takes them to the top of the walls of the tunnel. This is done through the means of taking a screenshot (Prnt Scrn). This is one of the ways to get back to Bonfire Island if the character dosen't have the island as it's home.

To perform the glitch, a character must try to climb the walls of the tunnel. Some walls work better than others since some of them have slopes at the bottom of the walls. When trying to climb a wall, the player must take a screenshot (Print Screen key by default(Prnt Scrn)). This will shift them to the top of the walls. When on top of the walls, the player cannot jump as they are techically already touching the ceiling.

The glitch also reveals that outside the rocky surface of the tunnel is a huge lake of water. Unfortunately this lake cannot be accessed, even if the player tries to fall down into it.

To get back onto ground level, characters simply have to run off the walls.

Another glitch is to (with wings) fly to the ramp on the top of the walls. This causes you to be able to go above the walls, however you cannot fly.

Notes About This MapEdit

  • If you fall down the waterfall, you can't get back up unless you fly/use the glitch.
  • The above is what many people think, but going up the walls is possible with sprint.
  • It is known well now for large amounts of Pokemon RPs by its lake. (Now less of them)
  • This map almost never is without FNAF players.
  • In the tunnel near Bonfire Island, a surplus of demon/emo wolves sit by a rock and chat.
  • In the same tunnel, there are often meet ups, small role-plays, and advertising.
  • The map is more of a hang-out place then a role-play area. However, in some places you can find a few fan-Roleplays or small roleplays.
  • On the left side of the waterfall there is a rock. If you jump onto it and jump down there is another rock behind the water. This gives you a good view.
  • the glitch can also be done by trying to go to Fluorite Plains