It was a cave found underwater near Atlantis, and it was empty except for some water. There was a small section of rocky land, which lead into the water.Edit


The Last Cave is no longer in the game, as it was removed with the June 9th, 2016 update.

The Last Cave GlitchEdit

There was a glitch where when a player went to the very back of the cave (the edge of the map), it would make the player's character glitch and crash the game. It would keep crashing until the player used Go Home to teleport out of the cave. Otherwise, the player character would eventually collide with someone else's, and the player could control them.

When a player was in the Last Cave and someone lost connection, it was advised to get out as soon as possible, or else the player could have gotten glitch controlled.

Notes about this mapEdit

  • It was an extemely empty map.
  • This was an excellent place to hide in games of hide-and-go-seek.


How to get to last cave

How to get to last cave

How to get to last cave