Lonely Cave is the area in which a player will first spawn when they create a new character. It is a small patch of land, with the same basic shape as Bonfire Island. There are four gates that lead to other worlds. One, which has two fluorite crystals on either side of the gate, leads to ‘South Pole’. Another gate, on the opposite side of that one, leads to Ficho Tunnel. Out in the ocean, you can also see a gate to the Cape of Distant Worlds . There is one lesser known gate. To reach it, you must climb up the ramp to on top of Lonely Cave. There will be several floating blocks to must climb. Once you reach the top of the island, there is a gate leading to Ascension Island. However, to climb up the blocks take a small amount of skill, because you may not fly in this area.

This area is one of 2-3 maps that are not in FeralHeart+. The other is Flourite Plains, which is replaced by Endless Plains.


When the players creates a character, they spawn here. They may choose one of four gates to leave through and can come back at any time. Is it also the default home location for any character whose home you haven't changed. Lonely Cave has replaced Bonfire Island as the spawning area, although Bonfire Island is still an accessible area.

This map is not available in FH+ unless you download it, so any and all new characters made on FH+ spawn in a black abyss.