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Pups and cubs Edit

Pups/cubs are the offspring of a wolf/lion. Though there is no real way to be another character's offspring (as in, pregnancy and sequencial spawning of young), players make their characters the smallest size or a little larger.

Sometimes, players roleplay as an unborn pup/cub. They are almost always miminal size with the name <name> Unborn Pup/cub or simply Unborn Pup/cub.

The pups/cubs of FeralHeart tend to behave playful and run around a lot. As always, there are a few outcasts with different personalities, such as shy, mean or even evil. In packs/prides, mothers or fathers usually stay close to pups. However, there is the occasional lone pup. Some (of the very few) lone pups/cubs tend to lurk nearby packs and prides. Cubs/Pups usually have an overused, sometimes sympathy-begging story such as "<name> was abandon and left to fend for himself/herself.' or '<name> is an orphan."

While the majority of abandoned pups/cubs seen are played by younger players, the spectrum ranges to all ages of role-players. While they will usually run about, asking players via Whisper chat if they will adopt them, others will ask in the General chat (which can be seen by the entire map) if anyone is willing to adopt. They will usually specify their character's species, gender, appearance, and the type of family they are seeking. The previously mentioned Unborn offspring are usually willing to change their character's appearance to match that of their prospective parents.

Due to the surplus of family-seeking young, some players will make an "Adoption Center" character and sit in a very populated area (most notably Bonfire Island) to draw family-seekers and pup/cub-seekers to a central area. Here the players can decide who wants to go with who. Like Mate Centers, Adoption Centers occasionally get a negative reputation for being large, colorful characters who speak in all capital letters, so their chat can be seen in an otherwise fast-paced area, where the chat can fly by before they can be seen. However, this hasn't seemed to prevent them from being successful in their attempts to unite new role-players into new families.