Sky's Rim is no longer in the game, as of the June 9th, 2016 update.

The portal to reach this area was found at the top of Ascension Island. Flying was enabled here, despite having been disabled in Ascension Island.

At the top were two caves and a smoke particle surrounded by a ring of flowers.

Notes about this mapEdit

If the player fell, they would fall for a while and hit a sea of water. The only way out of this was by returning to your home, or by jumping out of the water and flying back up.

  • Sky's Rim is named after the 2011 RPG game "Skyrim", a part of the TES game series, which KovuLKD was a fan of. (see below)
  • There were a lot of dragon RPs here because of the name of the map. "Skyrim" was the fifth installment in the game series "The Elder Scrolls" by Bethesda Game Studios. (see above) Skyrim is a land filled with dragons.
  • Sometimes, there was a game people played where they fell from the top floating island to the bottom and respawned at the top with the 'Return to Home' setting.