Temple of Dreams

The Temple of Dreams.

The Temple of Dreams is no longer in FeralHeart, as of the June 9th, 2016 update.

The Temple of Dreams was a structural area accessed through Flourite Plains. It had one portal that went back to Flourite Plains. The area had one tiny island leading to a stone structure, which had two waterfalls. On the top circle on the structure, there were circles of flowers. The island was built on an ocean.

Nothing much could be found on this island. Like all maps, it had a boundary that prevented players from going too far from the island.

People liked to chat at the top of the structure which had about 5 rings of flowers that players liked to sleep or sit in. 

There were also a few small glitches, such as falling into the stones. 

FeralHeart +Edit


A guide map

Had the same structure as the original but instead of rings of flowers at the top there was a pool of water with a waterfall (sometimes nicknamed a hot tub).
Screenshot 05012012 200835718

The "Hot Tub"

Screenshot 01222012 102833459

Temple Of Dreams in FH+

  • There were not many players in this map.
  • This map was sort of a smaller version of Ascension Island.

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