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The Connection Loss Monster- General InformationEdit

The connection loss monster was discovered by some members of the Vanidicus. Noteably Curse {lynsey} and Macbre {CaptainFlare}. This ferocious beast wanders the maps in search of users to kill and eat. Terrible and murderous, the connection monster has only one weakness. This is the ability to restart Feral Heart, and possibly regain connection. This monster mostly resides in FLourite Plains, Large downloadable maps, and has been known to venture beyond the territory of Lag. It is strongly advised to restart the computer as soon as you come into contact with this horrible beast. If restarting the whole computer does not help, check the internet connection. If it is almost too late to be helped, you will see that the Connection Loss Monster is already attempting to reach your internet connection. If he/she does, then it is already too late, and you will have to restart the modem to rid yourself of this monster. If connection is still not acheived, you may have to resort to an exorcist of Voodoo. In most cases, however, a simple restart may help. In the rare encounter of an albino, you may have to just shut the computer down for a while. 

Connection Loss Monster- Quick FactsEdit

{Conservation Status} Abundant

{Kingdom} Animalia

{Phylum} Monster

{Class} Upper

{Order} Carnivora

{Family} Feral Heart

{Genus} Feral Heart Monster

{Species} Connection Loss Monster

- Reproduces Via Binary Fission -

- Eats Feral Heart Users, which is the reason for connection loss -

- Hunts by shaking the land above with arms, causing the universe or FH below the target to fall away -

- Can be killed with a restart -

- Common throughout Flourite Plains and other laggy maps -

- Comes in many different colors and shapes -

- Rare albinos are weaker -

- Related to the Bad Token Monster [Still needs observance] -

  • Article still in progress. If any information is found, whisper CaptainFlare or messege me.*